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Earth Friendly

Go Green with Curbside Composting on Earth Day!

Springtime is a great time to re-organize and re-think your lifestyle.  With more and more awareness of the needs of the earth, along with our own needs it's sometimes tough to know what "1st Step" to take to make changes that really make a difference. One easy earth friendly choice is to start to recycle, but that can sometimes feel like an ominous chore that's more trouble than it might be worth. What if your local community had a resource for composting that was convenient, fun and really made a difference? What if your next earth-friendly move was as easy as an extra bucket and a trip to the curb? Well guess what? Community composting services are on the rise, helping hundreds of households make going green simple and super easy. 


Check out these benefits of Curbside Composting posted by Portland Maine local composting company Garbage to Garden.



There are so many benefits! Our participants are routinely surprised by how much their new compost bucket positively impacts their household. You get much more than food waste pickup! 

Financial & Convenience Benefits:
  • Saves money
  • Greatly reduces trash volume & eliminates trash odor
  • Reduces trash bag costs
  • Keeps kitchen cleaner and trash easier to carry
  • Easy open & close lid keeps odors in and critters out
  • Clean buckets returned each week
  • Bucket fits under sink
  • Never buy potting soil again
  • Free compost is included + discounts on bulk purchases & delivery
  • Earn free service by volunteering or our referral program 
  • Environmental Benefits:
  • Supports school & community programs
  • Shows others in your neighborhood that composting is important
  • Reduces landfills and methane emissions
  • Compost increases soil fertility, cleans water bodies, reduces stormwater run-off, increases nutrition of food grown in compost, and improves air quality
  • Participation is Voluntary 

So #GOGREEN on #EARTHDAY.  Make curbside compositing your next earth friendly Springtime Fling!