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Blog :: 2016

Amber Woods Subdivision - North Yarmouth Maine

"Brett's Team Says:  Four beautiful lots have been approved for a John Libby Construction, Inc. subdivision in North Yarmouth.  A first spec home is already under way on Lot 4 and it's going to be a beauty. Wintertime is a perfect time to make plans to build. This is a premium Maine location with a strong value builder.  Don't be too late!"


Welcome home.  Find your self on this road, on this lot, in this home:

John Libby Construction, Inc homes are energy efficient, detail classy and feature layouts that lend well to hearth and home.  These photos are from a home recently completed on Sligo Rd.  The Lot 4 Spec has the same layout and finishes. Lot 1, 2 & 3 are currently still open to fully custom builds.  Call us to schedule a meeting with John and be in by summer 2017. 


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    Surrounded by Solitude - 1 Pettengil Farm Rd Freeport Maine

    Brett's Team Says:  "This is a beautiful home, but what is even more beautiful is the locations' boundless access to both the Pettengill Farm Preserve nature preserve and The Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary.  Both of these well care-for, nature rich areas are literally out your door.  This is the best of all possible worlds in a sought after Freeport marketplace. Make this your late-season find of a lifetime!"  



    This property holds both light and warmth. A lovely place to come home to, and a great place to share with visitors near and far. 

    The split ranch concept works so well here, living space on three levels and woodland views from every one.  Spacious, yet tucked away with room to wander.  Perfect. 

    1 Pettengil Rd, Freeport ME MLS # 1287681  $289,000



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      Near Perfect - In Freeport Maine

      Brett's Team Says: "This property hits all the high notes, acreage, interior space and light, a first floor master, cape style coziness  and an absolutely awesome complete second floor living space.  It will be tough to catch the wave on this one, but take a look! Inspiration in all the right places."

      48 Hidden Oaks Drive, Freeport ME MLS # 1289902 $319,000



      Yes those are cherry cabinets!  Second floor family room echoes this accent with cherrywood floors.  Woodland views from every window!

      Excellent front porch, both welcoming to visitors and comfortable for early morning and evening ruminations. Nice yard and while there is no garage, there is plenty of storage, room for gardens and an open invite to nature walks right in your own back yard. 


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        Maine barn wedding venue opportunity - 251 Greely Rd North Yarmouth

        This North Yarmouth Maine property has tremendous potential for the savvy investor.

        Brett's Team Says: 

        "251 Greely Rd, North Yarmouth has terrific appeal as a Barn Wedding Venue and the market for this type of event in Maine is hot right now.   Great curb appeal, excellent barn, plenty of room out back. Come take a look and have a chat at the town office.  Could be a winner."


        Considering converting a rural property into a Barn Wedding Venue? Keep these essential components in mind! 

        1) A Barn!   Size and location of the barn will be essential to the venue success.  Consider 60-80 people per 1000 square to be a comfortable basis to evaluate a property. In general, depending on layout, size of dance floor and decor for each party, 2000 square feet is a good place to start to ensure you can serve a broad range of potential clients.

        2) Privacy for the Wedding Party and Overnight Accommodations: Onsite accommodation for separate preparation of bride and groom and their maids and groomsmen is a must. Also ideal, but not required, is space for at least the bride and groom to stay over night.  An onsite wedding suit is a terrific, romantic selling point.  At the very least, proximity to hotels, B&B's and Air BnB's should be considered for out of town, out of State wedding guests.  A great location will include places to stay that are convenient to your venue and easy to book. 

        3) Catering Space: An open concept kitchen, connected efficiently to the barn is essential to seamless organization of the event, whether you are doing it yourself, or allowing the wedding party to hire their own service. Plan on upgrades to most properties to make this a central highlight of your venue.

        4) PARKING!  many venue development plans stop here, as most towns have specific code requirements for public parking lots and you'll need to comply. As an 100 guests equals 50 parking spaces.  Your venue may hold 200 guests, but if you can't park them all, the party might be over. Additional acreage and road frontage to accommodate access are key.

        5) Permitted Use and Town Approval:  Keep in mind that these are two separate issues.  The location you are considering may qualify as a wedding venue by ordinance (permitted use), but you will still need to apply for town approval. Most towns code offices will be happy to discuss your idea prior to purchase to help you decide but actual approval will only happen at a scheduled town meeting. Get to know the neighborhood, plan ahead and be ready to address objections in advance.


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          Durham investment property with barn and rental income

          768 Hallowell Road, Durham Maine is an excellent mini-farm start up kit! Live close to your livestock, with room to ride.  Finance your dream farm with rental income from a duplex on the property.  While the inner cosmetics of both locations are highly dated, all of the primary systems have updates. The whole 7-acres is priced with immediate renovation in mind.  With rental as mortgage, this is a prime property for a first time investor. 

          Brett's Team Says: 

          "Get it while it's here at this price." 


          MLS # 1273773 and MLS # 1273801

          Listed at $215,000



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            Sunshine and Location - 1 Pettengil Rd Freeport Maine

            Freeport Maine is home to many landmark natural and historical sites.   1 Pettengil Rd is a direct neighbor of two of the most pristine.  Wolfe Neck Farm is a five minute drive, a State Park offering 200 acres of protected wood and shoreline, Osprey nesting sites, and geological highlights.  Pettengil Farm, listed in the National Register of Historic places is a five-minute walk! Take a stroll and land on 140 Acres of fields, woods, antique apple orchards, flower gardens and salt marsh. Take a 5-minute drive in another direction and shop Freeport Village. You are home, surrounded by nature, convenience and time to relax. 

             Brett's Team Says:

            "1 Pettengil Rd Freeport has three levels of quality living space, lots of light and a four season sunroom.  In this location, at this price, a phenomenal opportunity to join the Freeport community and make natural beauty a part of your lifestyle forever is here and now.  This is a sweet home!"



            * Freeport Historical Society - About Pettengil Farm Gardens

            * About Wolfe Neck Farm 

            * Bedrock Geology at Wolfe's Neck Farm


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              Invest in Hearth and Home - 25 Spar Cove Freeport Maine

              If your dream lifestyle in Maine includes classic New England decor, bricks woods walks, gardening and peaceful days and nights surrounded by nature, this property is for you!  Your new back yard extends all the way to 60' of shoreline on Spar Cove providing tidal access to the ocean perfect for kayaking. The surrounding trees have been carefully cultivated creating a true feeling of "away" and a wondrous feeling of open sky.  

              Find yourself a cozy spot for a nice long read, invite friends in for a formal meal, wander in the woods or take swim.  The previous owners used the basement as a workshop for home building and finish carpentry. If you have the desire, get busy downstairs! You've found your wonderland. 

              Brett's Team Says: 

              "This property has some nooks and crannies that are a challenge for the modern taste.  It also has some needed upgrades that are affordable. We have priced this to competitively serve the invested home owner who loves the property, understands the value of the Spar Cove location and appreciates the easy equity that would go along with transforming the inside.  See it soon!"

              MLS # 1277316 - $429,000  - 25 Spar Cove, Freeport Maine


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                Patty cake, patty cake, bake me a house sale...

                From the outside looking in, the process of buying and selling houses seems pretty simple. 1) You choose or provide an attractive product. 2) You agree on a price and sign a contract. 3) Funds and rights to ownership are exchanged. One, two, three. Easy as shoes.  

                Not so fast!  While the steps themselves are pretty simple, when you break down each one, there is alot to do, many decisions and people involved and several legal hurdles to cross before a property sale is complete.   When all is said and done, the process might be better aligned with baking a cake. 

                You need all the right ingredients. Everything has to be mixed together carefully, in the right order.  

                And, possibly with the attention required for cooking in a wood-fired oven, patience, attention to detail, and an even temperament are requirements for the best possible outcome.  

                Over the next few weeks, we'll break the parts of the process down into some digestible pieces.  In the meantime, here is a list of all the relationships that are involved in home sales on either side of the transaction, somewhat in order of their appearance

                • * You
                • your spouse or partner if that applies
                • your children, younger or older, or if that applies
                • your pets - again.. if there are any
                • other members of your circle of influence - decision makers or not
                • at least one realtor - yours,chosen from however many you select from, and the agent on the other side of the transaction
                • contractors
                • a loan originator or bank loan officer (once chosen from however many you select from)
                • at least one insurance agent or as many as two or three. 
                • a home inspector/ septic inspector / various inspectors
                • an appraiser
                • a loan underwriter (you may never see or speak to this person, but they will know your financial picture better than you do)
                • a title attorney
                • a title company closing agent
                • your neighbors - old and new 

                It's been said that buying or selling a home is in the top 10% of highest stress activities you can take on in life.  In our experience at Brett Davis Real Estate, however, we also know can be one of the most gratifying exchanges as well.  So, strap on an apron, we'll show you how to cook up a stellar home sale! 

                Look for our next Blog:  How does the house look to you? on Wednesday November 2, 2016 for cues and tips on feeling out and feeling good about the house you are buying or selling. 


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                  Consider Durham Maine a Freeport Neighbor

                  Location Location Location

                  If you are looking for light in the windows, rural privacy and life embraced by open skies and seasonal fireworks of nature, check out Durham Maine.  Often overlooked because it boasts no landmark claim to fame, Durham is a choice of many who either work from home, or truly enjoy the unique peace and quiet of the Maine outdoors.  Only minutes to Freeport and a jump from there to the highway, makes Durham reasonably accessible as a commute location for either Portland or Augusta. In many ways, property ownership in Durham is a hidden treasure, especially if you're looking for a place to roost for awhile.  Take a drive through!  It's worth a visit. 

                  55 Sand Hill Drive, Durham Maine

                   Brett's Team Says:

                  "This property is priced to sell as a great value in the semi-remote market Durham represents.  Plenty of square footage, including finished space in the basement, great light and flow and garage space for three cars! It's going to be a challenge to find a home more complete in this price point. Ready for the right buyer to move in today."


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                    Gratitude begins at home - Brett Davis Real Estate joins Code Gratitude

                     REGARD and REWARD

                    In our day to day lives, it is very easy to overlook good fortune. At Brett Davis Real Estate we are aware that our prosperity is not only a result of the good faith of our clients, but also relies on the handwork of so many on the front lines of personal, social and global struggles that we rarely feel directly.   We are grateful for our local, national and global protectors. 

                    In our experience, members of the protector community have been some of our best customers!  That's why we are proud and pleased to have joined Code Gratitude, an online access point for businesses that honor our protectors with a well-deserved cost-saving benefit. A humble reward for the regard we hold for their dedication to their jobs. 

                    Please join us, and share our salute to the men and women and their families who contribute to our good fortune everyday. If you have family friends or loved ones who will be buying or selling a home soon, please send them our way. Will give them our best and happily offer them our Code Gratitude protector benefit. 

                    Brett's Team Code Gratitude Protector Seller Benefit 

                    The heart of the sale is the picture of the home a buyer receives when they first walk in the door.  Staging the house is a key component to obtaining the best value and is an art within itself.  Our Protector Seller benefit is a $300 certificate for consultation and staging assistance from our staging partner Design to Clean.


                    Brett's Team Code Gratitude Protector Buyer Benefit:  

                    You love the house and you’re ready to move forward.  Now it’s time to  get real about what the property offers and what it needs from the standpoint of structural & mechanical integrity, health and safety, and maintenance. Our Protector Buyer benefit is a $300 certificate for credit toward home inspection applicable at the closing of the related sale.


                    Listings Shown

                    Click Here to Learn more about Code Gratitude!


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