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Patty cake, patty cake, bake me a house sale...

From the outside looking in, the process of buying and selling houses seems pretty simple. 1) You choose or provide an attractive product. 2) You agree on a price and sign a contract. 3) Funds and rights to ownership are exchanged. One, two, three. Easy as shoes.  

Not so fast!  While the steps themselves are pretty simple, when you break down each one, there is alot to do, many decisions and people involved and several legal hurdles to cross before a property sale is complete.   When all is said and done, the process might be better aligned with baking a cake. 

You need all the right ingredients. Everything has to be mixed together carefully, in the right order.  

And, possibly with the attention required for cooking in a wood-fired oven, patience, attention to detail, and an even temperament are requirements for the best possible outcome.  

Over the next few weeks, we'll break the parts of the process down into some digestible pieces.  In the meantime, here is a list of all the relationships that are involved in home sales on either side of the transaction, somewhat in order of their appearance

  • * You
  • your spouse or partner if that applies
  • your children, younger or older, or if that applies
  • your pets - again.. if there are any
  • other members of your circle of influence - decision makers or not
  • at least one realtor - yours,chosen from however many you select from, and the agent on the other side of the transaction
  • contractors
  • a loan originator or bank loan officer (once chosen from however many you select from)
  • at least one insurance agent or as many as two or three. 
  • a home inspector/ septic inspector / various inspectors
  • an appraiser
  • a loan underwriter (you may never see or speak to this person, but they will know your financial picture better than you do)
  • a title attorney
  • a title company closing agent
  • your neighbors - old and new 

It's been said that buying or selling a home is in the top 10% of highest stress activities you can take on in life.  In our experience at Brett Davis Real Estate, however, we also know can be one of the most gratifying exchanges as well.  So, strap on an apron, we'll show you how to cook up a stellar home sale! 

Look for our next Blog:  How does the house look to you? on Wednesday November 2, 2016 for cues and tips on feeling out and feeling good about the house you are buying or selling. 

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